Joan of Arc

written and directed by Simon Deggim| Translated by Jocasta Godlieb |

29 & 31 May, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 &12 June 2018

Is it a miracle, when a farm girl hears voices, finds a sword and liberates France? Is it a sequence of coincidences? Or is it simply the
result of careful calculations and manipulations? Joan fights her way through political and religious obstacles to fulfil her mission as a saint in the Hundred Years War, but not everyone sees history with the same eyes. When church and empire collide – is there space left for the dream of a farm girl?

After successfully premiering their production of Joan of Arc at The Easter Festival of Full-Length Plays on the Isle of Man, the University Players brought this play to the Audimax stage for the Hamburg audience.



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