British All Winners Festival 2017


As winners of the MADF Easter Festival of Full-Length Plays, the University Players were qualified to compete in the 44th British All Winners Festival 2017 in Barnsley, England. We performed our production of “Lift Not the Painted Veil / Frankenstein” on 18th of July at the Lamproom Theatre. We were awarded three trophies.

The Halifax Evening Courier Award for Audience Appreciation

The Sydney Fisher Trophy – Backstage Award

The Felixstowe Festival Award – Adjudicators award Use of Chorus in  “Frankenstein”

Jasper Koch Paul Kahre as “Old and Young Creatures” in “Frankenstein” (Adjudicator’s Award)

We are especially proud and happy to have won the Backstage Award again – the second year in a row. It is traditionally awarded by the backstage crew of the hosting theatre who are at the heart of every festival and work together most closely with the visiting teams. They vote for teams with the most professional backstage crew, the best technical know-how (thank you, Tom White), a strong commitment to the production and a friendly attitude towards all the people involved. The festival crew at the Lamproom Theatre were wonderful to work with and we are happy they felt the same way about us!

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