By Simon Stephens

Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

The Story

PORNOGRAPHY is Simon Stephens‘ stark and shattering play that powerfully captures a portrait of a fractured, insecure Britain. Written in reaction to London crashing from the euphoria and promise at being awarded the 2012 Olympics into the chaos and reality of the 7/7 bombings, the play is composed of seven stories that serve as a countdown to the catastrophic attack on London. Each playlet focuses on a different individual dramatising their life in the run-up to the tragedy.
The pornography is not sexual pornography but the pornography of everyday life. Stephens says the play is about transgression – the characters are forced to cross a certain border in a sexual, criminal or personal way. They are isolated city people who break taboos in order to experience something special. By doing so they fall prey to the logic of pornography.


pictures © G2 Baraniak

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