by William Shakespeare

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The Story

„All you need is LOVE!” that is what The Beatles sang in 1967.

The lovers in Shakespeare’s turbulent comedy seem to live just along those line – in the roaring 90s of the 16th century. Lots of gushers, lovers and businessmen are drifting about the beautiful village of Padua, determined to find a partner for life. Baptista, a wealthy gentlewoman, is trying very hard to keep the high-spirited suitors to her younger daughter Bianca at a safe distance. And what a distance! Bianca may only be wooed when her older, slightly coarse sister Katherina has found a husband. But the men of Padua fear the snappish woman. Only one of them takes up the daring conquest: Petruchio, an energetic and unabashed citizen of Verona, immediately falls in love with “Katherina, the Shrew”. While the company of suitors come to no avail in winning Bianca’s hand, Katherina and Petruchio are challengingly taming each other by all possible means. Are they going to conquer one another?

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