2010/2 SUMMER – LOVE

by Edward Albee & Lovesick by Caryl Churchill

Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

The Story

We are certainly not dealing with romantic love. Nope. We offer manipulation.

In Edward Albee’s famous one-act THE ZOO STORY and Caryl Churchill’s LOVESICK one therapeutist and many patients cross each other’s line of fire. The first one-act of the night, THE ZOO STORY, introduces Jerry, a New York tramp who meets Peter, the settled family man, in Central Park. He enforces onto him a conversation which will turn everything Peter stands for and believes in upside down.
The old-fashioned psychiatrist Dr. Hodge is leading us through the second one-act, LOVESICK. He tells us about his favourite patients and offers them the opportunity to elaborate on their tricky lives. Slowly but surely it becomes more clear that the seemingly omniscient doctor does not have the slightest clue about what is going on in his and the other’s worlds. By looking for friendship and understanding, the perfect relationship and the right way to live, everyone gets lost in the mad maze of love. To enable our audience to find a passage through this theatrical jungle we invite them to our space – onto the stage. From the exclusive close-up perspective we offer unique insights to the madness of love. Due to this new form of representation we strongly recommend making an early reservation.

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