by Agatha Christie’s

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The Story

Just how much do you know about your guests, Mrs. Ralston?

The young, ambitious but inexperienced proprietress of “Monkswell Manor Guest House” is often asked that question and pays no attention to it – until she finally realises that an answer could save lives…
Only an hour’s drive from London a new guesthouse has opened: The young, freshly married proprietors are awaiting their first guests for the weekend. It is a cold, snowy night in the countryside. Four announced guests arrive and try to make themselves comfortable – which turns out to be not that easy. Suddenly an unexpected miraculous guest appears, and just shortly after, a detective sergeant is creating great unrest with his investigations of a murder case. All of a sudden one of the guests is found dead in the lounge. Since the house has been cut off by the snow – there’s only one thought in everyone’s head: The murderer must still be around.
Agatha Christie’s masterpiece has been running for over 57 years in the London West End – and hasn’t lost its attraction at all. Come by and try to guess who did “IT”. Maybe you’re even faster than the sergeant…
Hope to see you there!

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