by Joe Orton

Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

The Story

Rationality is…not rational. Just another ordinary day at the mental asylum: Psychiatrist Dr. Prentice would like to examine his new secretary Geraldine – if possible, undressed. His wife bursts in and is disgusted: After her regular lesbian meeting the hotel page boy Nick stole all her clothes – except her fur coat. The government’s agents Dr. Rance and Sergeant Match advocate order…until they themselves descend into the maelstrom of events. Orton’s farce premiered in 1969 and pulls out all the stops of sexual and textile freedom. After the 150 exits and entrances, lots of emptied bottles of whiskey and a lot of clothes swapping the condition of the characters is so…interesting that scientist Dr. Rance is inspired to develop a new fantastic theory about the state of mind of his fellow men. What is normal, who is crazy? And who decides that anyway? A look through the “peephole” will tell you – or not.

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