2004/1 WINTER – ROAD

by Jimmy Cartwright

Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

The Story

„What’s up anyroad?”

It’s Saturday evening, and we find ourselves on the “road”. The name of the street doesn’t exist anymore. It’s become an expression of a collective social sensitivity. Scullery, the narrator, takes us by the hand to lead us down “road”. We meet the inhabitants on this one night of the week, eager to go out and on the search for an alternative to the trials of every day life: sex and alcohol, but also a little display of humanity help to shed some light on the path to a little bit of luck.
In Jim Cartwright’s first drama, he creates a dangerously realistic picture of a socially weak area in the English Midlands. However, his use of poetic language and the fact that he frequently brushes a glimmer of hope into the scenes, make Road a touching and worthwhile play to watch.
In mounting a production of Cartwright’s play from 1986, the University Players return to British contemporary drama.

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