Various short pieces by different authors
Tom Stoppard: The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet
Anonymus: The Skinhead Hamlet
Miles Kington: The Case of the Danish Prince
G.B. Shaw: The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
Christopher Durang: The Actor’s Nightmare

Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

The Story

Who is Hamlet? Is he one of the following things:
a) an intellectual who speculates about being or not-being?
b) a pathological procrastinator who is just unable to do a single thing?
c) a melancholic in an unstable mental state?
d) an actor cleverly manipulating everybody?
e) a moraliser who begrudges his mother’s happy love-life?
f) the rebellious student who despises the corrupt court society?
g) the noble Dane?
h) the unhappy lover?
i) the avenger?
j) Shakespeare’s dearest son?
k) the most loved tragic hero on German stages?

It is impossible to put in a few words what Hamlet is about. But it is exciting to read this character closely and observe him from different perspectives. This is why we are presenting a little Hamletfestival, performing short pieces about our hero – slightly abridged.

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