Summer Production 2018

29 | 31 May, 2018
2 | 4 | 5 | 7 | 9 | 11 |  12 June, 2018

7.30 p.m., Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 6


by Simon Deggim

Is it a miracle, when a farm girl hears voices, finds a sword and liberates
France?  Is it a sequence of coincidences?  Or is it simply the
result of careful calculations and manipulations?  Joan fights her way
through political and religious obstacles to fulfil her mission as a saint in
the Hundred Years War, but not everyone sees history with the same eyes.
When church and empire collide – is there space left for the dream of a farm

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It‘s Shakespeare‘s birthday today! At least we think it is. And possibly death day. There are celebrations and parades around the globe 😉. We are taking a look back at Shakespeare plays we performed. More Shakespeare is sure to come but this summer it‘s Joan of Arc!
Plays by row from the top: The Tempest, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night‘s Dream, Othello, The Taming of The Shrews, Macbeth.
📷 G2 Baraniak, David Heuberg
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Castletown 2017 and 2018. One year was slightly wetter than the other 🙂
#FlashbackFriday to #isleofman
#joanofarc #easterfestivaloffulllengthplays #theaterlife #workvacay #theatrehamburg
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So what’s happening this semester?
After performing our version of “Joan of Arc” at the Easter festival on the Isle of Man, we are excited to perform the play in Hamburg on 29|31 May & 2|4|5|7|9|11|12 June. We’re not holding auditions this semester but...

We are looking for volunteers to help us
-promote the play
-pass out flyers
-build the stage
-paint that giant poster that’s going to be hanging in the Audimax
-at the box office and at the bar on show days
-prompt during a show
and we’ll probably think of a lot of other things we need help with.
If you feel like helping us with any or many of these tasks, drop us a message! You don’t have to pick a task if you’re not sure yet.
Any questions? We’d love to hear them in the comments or in our inbox.
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#FlashbackFriday Us conquering Snaefell mountain on the Isle of Man (with the Electric Railway)
2017 group photo above, 2018 below
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To the Hamburg Crew:

It only takes a spark
That isn’t quite true. A spark will be gone very quickly if there isn’t any wood for it to set alight, just like an idea is nothing without people to help it along the way. On the Isle of Man we were by far the largest group, and all those people really put in the hours, but those weren’t all the people who helped us out. Several people worked on this production in Hamburg, essentially working towards someone else’s trip. You may want to grab a drink, because this is going to be longer than the Oscars.
Our amazing costume team, Randa, Marleen, Judith, Mandy (who stayed in Hamburg) as well as Marina and Pauline (who travelled to the Isle of Man) and Jo and Clara (who helped out). They all worked incredibly long hours and didn’t let the time crunch affect their vision of the transformation costumes…and they deservedly won Best Costume again. Jo, who despite being in the southern hemisphere for most of this production, not only translated the script but also offered to help with the costumes as soon as she set a foot on German soil. Edgars, who came up with a concept for the trailer in record time and our page in the programme looked amazing thanks to him. Dean, who despite working on projects of his own, offered help and PR input. Johannes who took a lot of rehearsal photos and was there on Easter weekend, ready to help out with whatever he could. Kris who didn’t let the time crunch (sense a theme here?) discourage her from choreographing the dances and fights, which looked amazing on stage Marc who wrote “The Lark” especially for this production which is just about beautiful enough for the Gaiety and caused a thousand earworms. The extended UP family who came out to see run-throughs and dress rehearsal and caused endless “Toi Toi Toi” messages to arrive on our phones all through stage building and tech run on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who offered to help with our Hamburg shows! And last but not least, Svenja, who supported us past the date on her contract and was swamped by receipts and questions until her last day in the office.

We wouldn’t have finished on time without you guys. Not only did you offer your help, but also a positive attitude and plenty of encouragement. Whatever your contribution, a part of the Best Ensemble Award belongs to you. Thank you!!!
That was long. No jet ski for me. Play me out (Preferably with something from High School Musical).

Photo Credit: Margaret Metzler
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Aaand the trophies for best runner-around and most high-pitched audience members go to Simon and the Gang!
Congratulations to Simon Deggim (Best Director), Ella Mainholz (Most promising under 21) Julia Berger-Beu (Best Supporting Actress), Julian Gebhard (Best Supporting Actor) and the whole JoA cast & crew for the awards: Best Ensemble Acting, Costume & Make Up, Drama, Outstanding Contribution, Ensemble Acting and 1st Runner Up!
Congratulations also to all other participants and winners - especially the festival winners, White Cobra Productions, and Second Runner Up (#proudtocallthemfriends) Bejou Productions.
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Look at these wonderful pictures taken by Mike Trout and Bob Servante! What wonderful memories to behold of a fantastic night at the Gaiety! #joanofarc #easterfestivaloffulllengthplays #isleofman #madf... See MoreSee Less

MADF Easter Festival 2018 Day 6, University Players, Hamburg, perform Joan of Arc by cast member Simon Deggim. As last years winners they have returned to give another theatrical feast for all who att...

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What. A. Night. So yesterday, it finally was showtime for the University Players. Which of course meant, we would spend the entire (incredibly sunny) day in the (incredibly beautiful) theatre, building our stage and adapting to it, plotting our lights and more. And then the curtains opened...

Joan of Arc went down with a bang, we had a lovely (surprisingly big) audience that laughed and gasped at just the right places. Congratulations to our amazing director and playwright Simon Deggim and all the cast and crew who worked tirelessly over the last 7 weeks! The play was then followed by an amazing adjudication by the lovely Jennifer Scott-Reid and we could not be happier with how the night went!

At this point we'd like to give a very big thank you to all who made this day such a smooth affair, all of the stage and backstage crew that were a pleasure to work with, the lovely girls who gave us a fantastic tour of the theatre (including some ghost stories), Neil Callin who came in just to help us, Mike Trout and Bob Servante for the amazing pictures and Bejou Productions who cheered us on throughout and will be performing tonight, so we wish you a hearty toi toi toi!
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Our brave cast & crew of Joan of Arc go up on stage in 5 minutes - let's all wish them bonne merde and hope they break a leg and at least one of their prop sticks!... See MoreSee Less

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